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    It is a common belief that roulette is a game of chance. To believe it otherwise will lead to wasting of a lot of precious time trying to find ways to beat the system. While you can improve your game by following certain simple tips but you cannot come up with ideas which lead to continuous wins. As live roulette is becoming popular day by day the myths relating to the game are also increasing.

    A Picture of a Roulette WheelThe first myth is that there are systems by which one can win every time one plays. People believe that it can be achieved by mathematical calculation. The game of roulette was put together by a French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. While he put together a game of chance it would be natural for him to find ways to win every hand. As such there is no history of him having done so or anybody else for that matter. If there was such a thing in existence then most of the people who play roulette would be winning today. The casinos will lose their business as they thrive on people losing on their roulette table.

    The second myth that people believe in is there is only one type of roulette table and that even if there are two types, they are the same. In reality, there are two types of table- European and American and they have difference in their numbering system. European wheel has 37 numbers including a zero slot. The American wheel has 38 numbers including the zero slot and a double zero slot. The greatest difference in both the tables is how it affects the players. In the American wheel the house edge is 5.26% as compared to the European wheel where the house edge is 2.7%. It is clear from the figures that odds for success for the player are better in the European wheel. So it is sensible to play the European wheel on sites like supercasino or any of the others mentioned here on If you are not aware of the difference you could be at a loss.

    Another common myth is that after successive reds black will come or vice-a versa. That is quite impossible. There is no guarantee that if there are consecutive six reds then the next will be a black. It could still be a red. There cannot be a pattern as no one can predict either mathematically or otherwise where the ball will fall the next time.

    It is best to be aware of the rules and understand them before you go on to play roulette. Get familiar with the betting pattern and get some useful tips. These will make your chances of winning more real than believing in myths like mathematical calculation or the law of probability.

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