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Roulette has been the hot favorite of players since it was introduced in the 17th Century. From being played in casinos, Roulette is now played online as well. Both conventional and Internet roulette follow same set of rules and conventions.

For playing Roulette one would require a Roulette table and a colored wheel with numbers. If you want to play the European Roulette, the wheel should have 37 colored boxes with numbers from 0 to 36. In American Roulette there are 38 numbered boxes with an additional 00 or double zero.

The Roulette WheelThe numbers in the roulette wheel are never placed in the chronological order. The consecutive numbers are placed in alternate boxes - 0 is opposite to 1 and 2 is opposite to 3. The opposite boxes are colored red and black alternately. All the black colored pockets are opposite to the red colored pockets.

The wheel is spun in one direction and followed by its opposite direction. The ball spins on a tilted circular surface on the wheel. With the decrease in momentum, the ball keeps dropping in the pockets and moves from one pocket to the other. As the wheel stops spinning, the ball drops in a colored pocket. The number at which the ball finally ends up in is the winning number. The ball may even drop out of the wheel cancelling the entire spin.

For playing Roulette, you will need chips that are used to place bets. Each participant has separate colored chips to avoid confusion. The variedly colored chips also determine that the players are playing against each other in the game. If two players have placed the bets on the same number, both may win. Each gambler plays individually with no connection with other the bets.

In roulette the players can place bets on a single number as many times they want. Each number is free for bets by any number of players. With each round, the winner collects the chips which represent the prize money. Once the game is over, the winners can exchange them for cash. The game of Roulette needs a dealer or croupier. The live dealer handles the chips and manages the bets. It is the dealerís duty to spin the Roulette wheel and determine the winner after each round.

Roulette is a game governed by luck alone. Being familiar with the game will help the players gamble with conviction but will not aid in winning the game. Therefore, the game needs no strategies to master for winning. offers reviews and information about live online roulette websites. If you have a problem with any of these sites, you must contact the site in question. XML
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