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Roulette, a casino game, is primarily dependent on the luck of the players whether it is played on a real board in a casino, online, or live. All numbers on the wheel have the same probability of winning. Hence it is purely based on the luck of the player and not any game skills or methodology. However, there are a few factors that do have an influence on enhancing the probability of winning the game. For example, by using a European Wheel, you might be increasing your chances of winning the game.

Other than the wheel the lower and upper betting limits and the different betting systems do have an influence on the chances of a player winning the game. Unlike other board games like blackjack and poker that require the player to have good skills for the game along with strong luck, live online roulette is purely based on luck. Hence, whatever the strategy used, it is luck that ultimately determines whether you win or loose the game.

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As the game is totally and purely based on luck and how lucky you are on the day sometimes it is better for you to attempt placing more bets on days that are favorable for you. It is a case of "Do you feel lucky punk?" This might seem pretty illogical, but thatís the way it goes. A logical point that can be derived from opting for lucky days is that, any person is in a positive mood on a day in which everything goes well with him. He or she will carry this positive attitude to the game. A positive attitude always enhances the chances of winning the game because when people are in their best moods they can think better and bet on a favorable number.

Another point to remember is to analyze the trend of your performance. If you win the first time, you should obviously think of betting for the second time. If you loose in the first round, you can still try your luck the second time. But if you have lost even for the second time it is better for you to not continue with the bets for the day. Another nice way in which you can minimize the risk of loosing money on the game is by setting a limit for yourself. Before you start off with the game, decide on the maximum amount of money that you will want to place on a bet for the day, managing your money in roulette . See to it that you do not exceed this limit.

A typically winning trend will fetch you the maximum money in the minimum number of spins. Winning the first spin does not ensure that you will win the next spin also, though you might be encouraged into trying your luck in the next round. However, roulette is a game of probability.

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