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With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. Doing everything requires an amount of responsibility. Gambling, being a game of a volatile nature, hence requires an even higher level of self-control and responsibility.

Gamblers need to be responsible not only to themselves, but also to the people around them. To be responsible to them, gamblers should have self-control and dignity. He/she must know when they have to stop. Most of the time, in the process of gambling, the chances of winning is ten fold less than the chances of losing. Hence, gamblers must know when to stop after they had loss a certain sum of money, and not to borrow more money to continue their gambling. By doing so, they are displaying a sense of responsibility as a gambler.

It is basic instinct to continue gambling with the illusion that the next gambling round will reap back all the losses back; hence it is self-discipline that instills the responsibility in the gambler.

Furthermore, not only does the gambler has to be responsible for his/her actions, but also has to be responsible for the people around him; namely his family and friends. Though gambling is a one manís game, the gamblerís actions can affect his family and friends.

Whilst gambling, the gambler should consider about his familyís well-being. Is the family in need of money? Can this money be used for better purposes such as paying for my childrenís school fees or living expenditure? Gambling should be a leisure activity.

When there is an extra amount of money in income, perhaps a small part of the spare cash could be used for some entertainment and thrill, and taken to gamble. Taking responsibility means by no means should gambling impede daily life.

Additionally, the welfare of others as well as the gambler should never be compromised by gambling. The gambler should not build his pleasures on top of others misery. Though gambling is a fun and rewarding activity, yet the financial and mental welfare for the gambler and his family should be prioritized.

Gamblers have to learn to be responsible if they want to gamble as gambling itself is a highly volatile and demanding activity. In this course of gambling, the gambler must take the responsibility of caring for the other, and of course, caring for his/her welfare as well.

Developing a sense of responsibility can be achieved by the assistance of professional psychologists as well as counselors. If one is addicted and not taking responsibility, he/she should seek treatment immediately to develop the sense of responsibility before the consequences get severe.

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