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Donít continue to play if loosing badly, once itís gone its gone.

Do stick to your budget win or lose, keep careful track of your money this will help stop you getting carried away.

Do keep your bets in proportion to your budget. If your budget is $100 then placing one $100 dollar will not give you the best chance of winning though it might give you the largest possible win it will also give you the lowest odds of actually winning. Spread your budget over as many bets as possible, and then it is more likely some of them will win.

Donít borrow money!

Do read the full terms and conditions as well as any other small print when signing up to any Casino site especially if handing over money.

Do chat and ask questions if there is anything you donít understand, this will help you to learn gain experience and pick up hints and tricks and become more experienced.

Do keep up with rule changes and variations especially if playing somewhere new. Games which have the same name can be vastly different from casino to casino and change from time to time even on the same site.

Do learn basic strategy, whilst this doesnít guarantee winnings it does minimize losses and gives you the best possible chance of winning.Donít be superstitious or bet on hunches play smart and know the stats.

Do keep back at least some of your winnings, if youíve been lucky then take the money and run. Enjoy, itís your money and only the casino will benefit if you donít withdraw it.

Donít waste your money and time on games where the house has an advantage of 2% or more.

Do price comparison and shop around for the best deals or odds on your favourite game.

Do play for free until you are completely familiar with the game play and rules, you will only lose money otherwise.

Donít drink or take any substance, which could affect your judgment you need to have a clear head.

Donít act offensively or swear etc as this will only result in you being banned and money lost.

Do have Fun!

The key to successful gambling is responsible fun, fun being the operative word if youíve enjoyed yourself you can only win no matter what the outcome. Winning should be an added bonus.

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