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Live roulette is a game which you can play by logging on to the one of the many online roulette sites or with sites like the supercasino you can play simply by calling on the number shown on the TV. However, most people think that live roulette is a virtual game and doesn’t involve real fun. This is not completely true since you can earn cash by playing live roulette just like any of the roulette games played in the casinos. Different players use different techniques to win which are generally personalized. These strategies can be very tricky to understand and can be helpful for winning if applied correctly.

There is an easy method which you can use while playing live roulette online. This is a very slow method and requires a lot of patience; however, it can be very effective at times. This method doesn’t hold good while playing in a land based casino since in this method you will have to note down and keep a track of the results. However, you can use this method in the online roulette games to win the jackpot. This method needs a lot of understanding of the roulette wheel and can be used for your benefit.

If you seen a roulette table, you will know that it basically has three sections, 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 respectively. Whenever the croupier spins the ball, you have to notice which section the ball is landing at. After a while you will find out that the ball is not landing in one of the sections for quite some time now. If you see that the ball is not landing in that section for more than seven times in a row, you should go ahead and make a bet. However, it is advisable to place the smallest bet at the first few times to get make sure that this trick works for you.

If you find yourself guessing correctly and winning when you play roulette for money then you can go ahead and place bets for a larger amount. Do not mind if you lose a couple of ties since this trick has its own beauty and you get earn back the amount that you have lost very easily. All you have to do is to increase the amount of your bet and place your bet on again on the same section. Do not forget to note down where the ball has landed in the last seven occasions and then it is your time to earn some money.

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