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Some of the most important live roulette strategy tips are given below. It is the most profitable casino game, and if anyone intend to formulate strategies to win, these tips will be very useful. These can be printed out into booklets of handy, pocketsize Casino Gambling Tips:

1. Some good practices of spinning the wheel should preferably be done on a free table before betting to ensure better performance without losing any money.

2. Pattern base or base bets should be avoided at the betting table. One should be careful not to be cheated as because the table is the scattered form of the actual wheel and are made on purpose to defeat the table base bets. One should concentrate on the bets on real and usable patterns of the wheel.

3. A definite strategy with a definite goal along with will and discipline is necessary. Otherwise, no tips can be helpful.

4. Win and loss limits should be strictly followed. With a positive approach, at least a small profit should be earned for every trip to the casino. One should be prepared for any situation-win or loss.

5. The player should not be the victim of greed, the weapon which can be used by the casino against him or her. After a big win, a person can be lured by the casino by offering free accommodation and other baits to make him/her hanging around and lose all the winnings by playing more.

6. Drinking at the table while playing should be avoided as it results into wrong decisions causing a big loss.

7. There is no 100% guaranteed or full proof system as such. Although some techniques can be genuinely and effectively formulated. A system called “Holy Grail” which ensures 100% win does not actually exist but the player kills the time in search of it but can’t find!

8. Only inside bets based on the wheel should be made instead of the outside bets, because they are made to defeat the player. These are balanced in such mathematical way that ensures definite gain of the casino.

9. Payment should never be made for any roulette strategies as they never work.

10. Not the American but the European single zero roulette table should be chosen offering ‘In Prison’ or ‘La Partage’ Rules which are more player friendly.

One should remember that it should be a game of pure entertainment and not a way to quick increase of the bank balance.

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