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There are many games played online. Live online roulette game is a very popular one as it is easy to learn and play. The payouts are also good.

There are two types of roulette games available online - European and American.  American roulette has an extra slot of 00. Be cautious while choosing.

When played in a casino, one can touch the roulette chips, experience the gaming atmosphere, and also be influenced by the surroundings while betting. Whereas when you are playing on your own computer, the risk is even higher as you are linked to various electronic gadgets, software which may not work properly. Live online roulette where you can see the person turning the wheel is better such as a live dealer casino.
To play safe on online roulette one should know the game properly.  Be aware of all the rules of the games.

These are some important aspects to look in to before signing and depositing any money with any casino. 

• Casino should be well-established and ensure prompt payments and maintain secrecy of ones personal and credit card details.

• Casino is registered and the certificate is available online to browse. Also, check if the casino adheres to all the rules of the state. This increases confidence among gamblers.

• Check by calling the toll-free numbers provided on the web, email address and other consumer service numbers.  A couple of questions answered will strengthen your confidence.

A number of software is created and made available to buy promising great returns. They also claim to keep track with the game pattern and predict winning numbers. These are to lure the gamblers and cough up huge amounts from the innocent beginners.

One does not need any software to play live roulette. It is a game of pure luck – fortune brought by the ivory ball in the wheel. Guess the number(s) and try your luck.

Remember, Roulette Gambling is fun when played only for fun. Roulette should be played only for brief period. A specific amount should be kept as ones target. Once lost should immediately withdraw from the game. Continuous wins may be very luring, but then luck may not favor always.

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