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On Page: Things Needed For Roulette
Roulette has been the hot favorite of players since it was introduced in the 17th Century. From being played in casinos, Roulette is now played online as well. Both conventional and Internet roulette follow same set of rules and conventions. For playing Roulette one would require a Roulette table and a colored wheel with numbers.... [Read More]

On Page: Blog - Things To Know About Live Roulette
The popular game of live dealer roulette as we see in land based casinos such as dublin bet originated in the land of casinos, France. Roulette itself has its roots in France and the name was adopted from the French word meaning Small Wheel. Roulette was played for the first time in the seventeenth century in France. However,... [Continue Reading]

On Page: Roulette Odds
Just like every other betting game there are odds involved. Roulette odds can be worked out as a percentage fairly easily. The European roulette wheel has 18 red pockets and 18 black pockets. There is also one green zero pocket making a total of 37 slots for the ball to land in. The green zero pocket is how the casinos get the... [Read More]

On Page: How To Play Roulette Game
When learning how to play live online roulette one should know about the roulette board layout before playing the game. A roulette setup is a circular board with a rotatable wheel, with numbered slots in its circumference, at the centre, and space for rotating the ball in the periphery. Out of these numbers, which are not in... [Continue Reading]

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... [Continue Reading]

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