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On Page: Super Casino Live TV Roulette
Live Roulette on home viewers TV has given a new dimension to late night entertainment. Viewers can play without leaving their homes. The game has translated beautifully on the television. Super Casino Live TV Roulette brings a slice of Las Vegas to one’s drawing room. The TV presenters announce the names of all the winners after... [Read More]

On Page: Blog - 09 March
March 26th, 2009 SuperCasino's Live Roulette TV game was launched in 2005 by Sky Digital channel in UK. Since then the game is steadily gaining popularity. Its popularity is the direct outcome of its live presentation on SuperCasino TV and Internet for 24 hours without a break. Even when the live croupier is not present in the... [Read More]

On Page: SuperCasino TV
Once known as live roulette TV in the UK home viewers would watch the game on TV and also play over the phone. Later the game was introduced on the net and Live Roulette TV came up with a website of its own. It is aired from 6pm to 4am with a air blown automatic wheel taking over during the early morning hours. There are other... [Continue Reading]

On Page: Blog - Live Roulette on TV
Live Roulette on TV is nothing but roulette played live on TV. It is an interactive reality game show where roulette is played from morning till night. Roulette is not just the most popular casino game, but is also one of the oldest. It is an easy game and requires no skill. Being a game of luck, roulette can be played by... [Continue Reading]

On Page: Blog - 09 April
As for this site, the page naming the roulette bet names has been fixed up a little and i will be addiing some information about the French wheel... [Keep Reading]

On Page: Advantages To SuperCasino TV
The prime advantage of the SuperCasino TV is that the players need not step out of their homes to be a part of their favorite and fast live roulette TV game. While enjoying the comforts of the home, the players can play the game. Players can be seated on their cosy couch or even on the bed and play real live roulette. In Super... [Read More]

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