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On Page: Blog - What is Roulette
The roulette wheel used in a casino has several areas on it, it has been divided into 37 slots for the European and French version of roulette and into 38 slots for the other wheel, its American counterpart. The slots contain the numbers from 1 to 36 plus a single zero for the European wheel or the same numbers plus two zero... [Keep Reading]

On Page: Roulette Wheels
The roulette wheel signifies to many people what the casino is all about. This is probably because the roulette wheel doesn’t actually require any skill. The skill in roulette is lady luck herself. When playing roulette for money or just for fun you place your bet, the casino worker spins the wheel and throws in the ball. Then you... [Keep Reading]

On Page: The Difference Between Wheels
The Difference Between an American and a European Roulette Wheel Beginners to the fast paced game of roulette may be shaking their heads and saying, "What now?" when we discuss the difference between the European version of the roulette wheel and the one typically played in the United States. The difference is quite simple and... [Read More]

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