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To play live roulette is easy, winning every time is the hard part, European wheelpicking the European standard wheel instead of the American therefore is the first option. You will be pleased to know all of the sites reviewed on this live online roulette site play live roulette with this wheel, It contains 36 black and red slots and one number Zero.

Live Roulette is played in a live situation with the presence of a live dealer, it is a real roulette game with real players playing and communicating with each other through the online chat screen.

Chips to bet withBefore you even start to play live roulette a player has to get himself/herself registered with one of the many casinos listed here offering the game, you can play for fun and practice with the free trials of the game with sites like dublin bets live casino. However if you plan on playing roulette for cash a certain amount has to be deposited to start playing and if the player is new, he/she is usually entitled to free bonus, each is different so check the one you are planning on playing at.

Live Online Roulette

Live Online Roulette

Play Live Roulette Now

To start each new game the dealer or the croupier spins the wheel followed by the ball in the opposite direction but before this the players are given a few minutes to decide their bet before the commencement of the game. Bets can be placed till the dealer announces, "NO MORE BETS"! When you play live roulette and the ball falls out of the wheel, the spin is cancelled and a fresh spin follows. After a while of the ball spinning on the roulette wheels titled surface, the ball drops into the wheel and bounces about a bit before landing in its final resting place. One of the colored and numbered slots, in which the ball drops into, shows the winning number. Once the wheel stops spinning, the winning number will be marked by the dealer at the betting area and the payments will be made according to the betting odds which are fixed and can never change.

The game of roulette live is not considered complete till the wheel and the ball stops moving. The dealer announces the result and the game is over ready for a fresh start. The game then starts again after a few minutes of time after players have made their bets.

When you play live roulette they key is to remember it is absolutely a game of luck and no one can predict the next number so just have fun playing with the game and enjoy your time at the casino, and never spend more than you can afford.

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