June 2008
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June 15th, 2008 - Read more about roulette

While I was on an article roll I decided to add another article to the site all about how to have fun with live roulette online and for free. Its fun to play for no money at all because all you really have to lose is your pride; you can even test your luck out for the day just to see how it is going. If you have never even tried using a strategy then give one a go, its fun to see if they really work or not. More articles for the website means more to read about roulette so I will continue to add new articles whenever possible. Thatís it for today, I may change the layout of a couple of banners apart from that the sites going well.

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June 14th, 2008 - Play Roulette with Confidence

It doesnít really matter how you decide to play roulette because itís a game of total luck. Confidence can be a booster in any situation and the more you have the easier it is to play. Sometimes with roulette its good to go with your intuitions, been overly apprehensive could cause you to make some bad bets. A good way to build your confidence with roulette is to only play the game online and for no real money, playing free games enables a player to learn and understand more about the game and to become more confident with bets. Large bets can cause some uncertain feelings however if they pay off can give your confidence a massive boost. It is still important to know when to walk away, have the confidence to stick to a plan and sometimes it can pay.

June 3rd, 2008

Added a whole load of new banners from the number one site dublin bet, they are always running new promotions so its going to be tough keeping up with them once i get more sites reviewed. For now they are number one offering easy access free games you simply cant complain as everything is just spot on. Right now in the early stages of this website dublin bet casino is top of the range and with their fantastic site it looks like they will be staying for a while so expect good things from this site.

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