September 2008
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September 24th, 2008

Added a new article to my site with 10 live roulette tips for casino players, a strategy along with a goal as a target to aim for with self controlled discipline is essential. If you enjoy reading about live roulette dont forget to check the articles page, some of these tips can also be played out and used on other various casino games.

September 11th, 2008

Today i did some work on tidying up a few pages and making sure all of my links worked correctly. New banners have been put on the dublin bet casino page and now they take up both sides of the page because the review is one of the biggest i have on the site so far. They are by far one of the best so there was a lot to say about them. I also found some extra time and added a few new links on the sides of pages so that its now a little bit easier to get to the article section from the main page, the live online roulette article collection is going well so expect more in the future for that section.

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September 5th, 2008 - Online is The Best Way To Play

Roulette is generally played by people using the computer in two ways: live and online. In the live online roulette method, people gather in a real casino similer to the fantastic dublin bet website where the virtual wheel is used for playing online. In the online version of the game an enthusiast need not visit a casino physically. He or she can sit in their home and participate in live games simply by connecting to the Internet through the PC. There are some really good sites all of which have been reviewed right here and they offer some excellent roulette software that you dont always need to download. Many of the sites have fast or instant flash casino alternatives to downloading the software. These are just some of the many reasons its such a great game to play live online.

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