July 2008
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July 28th, 2008 - Which wheel is best?

Sometimes it might seem difficult to win at live online roulette but you can help yourself by choosing the best wheel to play on. Just incase you were not aware that there are two types of roulette wheel. Fresh and the latest addition to this website is this article explaining about the different roulette wheels, how they became different and which one is the best to bet on. Picking the best wheel is the first strategy any live online roulette player should implement.

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July 18th, 2008 - Added Golden Palace

I have just finished and finally added the golden palace casino website review page and got it online. The site says you can get up to 300 free with the bonus so it looks like one to check out. They didnt have a 728x90 banner available so its missing from the bottom of the page.

I have to say that the wheel looks good on it and i didnt have any video feed errors at all. The whole thing was easy to understand for example, the spin button allows you to spin the wheel, the clear button and reset button allow you to clean and reset the virtual board, and the remove button enables you to remove the chips. It was made easy to play live online roulette with golden palace but you do need to download the software.

July 16th, 2008

Im going to check around for a new site to review soon so i can put it on the front page and make my site look better, i feel that more banners to put around the site would help improve its look. There are also a few missing that i need to replace, so live online roulette fans can expect updates to the site soon.

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