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It is not only in online roulette that you can use the D’Alembert System but also when you play roulette in a land based casino. It tends to work for many of the gamblers. It doesn’t guarantee you a win every time you play roulette using the system but it gives you a systematic approach to the game that you can use to increase your chances of winning.

Named after Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a French physician of the 18th century, the D’Alembert System is based on the premise that in the long run two events will occur almost the same number of times. Since roulette has only two outcomes, win and lose, you can use the D’Alembert System to wipe out your losses through a single big win.

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It is the normal tendency of roulette players to increase their bet in the round after a win and decrease their bet in the round after a loss. The D’Alembert System tells you to do exactly opposite of this. It says that you should bet lower after a win and higher after a loss.

To give you an example, if you bet $1 and win you bet the same amount in the next game. On the other hand, if you lose the hand then you should bet $2 in the next game. If you win the next game you bet $2 and if you lose you bet $3. This process should be repeated for 10 rounds and then you start from the beginning, i.e. bet $1 again.

However, there are players that believe that the D’Alembert System is only good when you are a cautious gambler. Those that like to gamble big often go for the opposite of this system, the Contra D’Alembert System. This system is based on the belief that one should bet more when they win because they can further increase their win. So, you continue to bet double in the next game as long as you are winning and start from the beginning when you suffer a loss. However, this system is only for seasoned pros.

If you love roulette you will know that it is mostly a game of chance. There is not much you can do in terms of strategy. However, if you use the D’Alembert System you can cover your losses and maximize your wins. And this is what you want at the end of the day, don’t you?

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