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Live Online Roulette | Blog | January 2009

January 30th, 2009

Added new page about live dealer casino websites today with a bit of an explanation as to what they are, so I hope you enjoy reading the article. While writing it I noticed that DublinBet still have the 100% sign up bonus offer plus 15 percent on everything after that, the promotion looks like it will be continuing next month. This is a cool site because you only need an email address and at anytime of the day or night you can see what's happening in the fitzwilliam card club. Next month i will hopefully get another site review, there seems to be a few sites running the game with playtech software.

January 14th, 2009

Roulette Updated the front page banners today to include the bet 365 site because I played there for a while myself and really enjoyed my time there, I also added the betfred banner as they are also fairly new to this review site. My website has also been updated with the addition of a new article about the essentials of roulette added to the articles section of the site. The article goes on to explain some of the equipment and the things you need to play roulette. For example an obvious requirement would be the casino roulette wheel. You can actually buy these online today from loads of places, a good place to start looking is ebay or amazon, I have seen both the European and American wheels for sale at these places and reasonably cheap to. You can also expect to see another live roulette site review making an appearance sometime soon.

January 4th, 2009 - New Site Added 365

Happy New Year readers and to celebrate the new year I have finally got round to reviewing and adding another great live online roulette site. Bet 365 live dealer casino has roulette to play and blackjack games, you can also find baccarat live and some dice game. However, in my opinion, the online casino game that takes the crown on this portal is Roulette.

Extreme fun can be had for free with many types of games but to a gambler casino games push all the right buttons. Taking a risk and pushing your luck can be both fun and rewarding, but beware for gambling also has a dark side. Bet365 promote responsible gambling. The site only uses secure payment methods, and has taken measures to prevent fraud and under-age gambling. Users can view their transaction log at any time, place limits on how much they wish to allow themselves to deposit each month, and use their opt-out or self exclusion policies to block their account for a certain period of time. They also promote the Gambling help group GamCare as a help option for people who are concerned they may have a gambling problem.

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