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Roulette is well known casino game. It attracts people from all walks of life. It can be played online or at a local casino. It is very easy to learn and to play live roulette. The game can be played online. This facility enables a person to learn the internet roulette game while enjoying and experiencing the realistic feel of the game. A computer or a laptop with internet connection is necessary to be a part of this game, although more and more sites are introducing a mobile phone version.

DublinBet RouletteThere are two varieties in Roulette, American and European. European internet roulette is more famous and UK has conferred a legal status to this game. The rules and regulations are almost same and played with the same wheel. The only difference with the American wheel is that it has an extra pocket also called slot of 00. There are 36 slots with numbers. Numbers have alternate colors of red and black.

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Online free roulette games provide a step by step instruction to proceed with the game, but it is more fun learning as you play. It is very easy to understand. The chips are also provided to play. Numbers are chosen based on the red/black or odd/even. A group of numbers can also be chosen. The chips have to be placed on the table. The dealer turns the wheel and spins in to it a small ivory ball in the opposite direction. The place where the ball stops is the winning number. Free online games teach you the various roulette bets and the returns you get. For example picking a row of numbers will return less than a single number.

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While playing a online free internet roulette game person should be alert. One should play only for short intervals. One might get addicted to the game when played for long hours.

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